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Anti-Glare Car Visor

Anti-Glare Car Visor

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Do you want to have a "crystal clear", "amazing", and a "high-definition" vision while driving? Then, you can have that with this Anti-Glare Car Visor!

  • CONVENIENT - It is very convenient and less hassle to use! It can be easily removed and store when not in use.
  • PROTECTION - It gives protection to the user or people in the front seat who are more vulnerable to sun rays. Exposing too much to sun without providing some eye protection can cause severe eye problems. Having this visor, can safeguard your eyes while driving. Plus! It has night anti-glare for more concentration on driving and at night.
  • AFFORDABLE - It is very affordable and comes with not just a sun visor at day but also an anti-glare at night!
  • INSTALLATION - It is very easy and fast to install. There is no need to be aided by equipment, you can just press the clip and clip into your overhead visor in the car. Plus, it can be easily adjusted to the position in the most convenient setting you want

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