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Classic Bow, Tie, Hanky Skull Set

Classic Bow, Tie, Hanky Skull Set

$ 29.95 $ 59.90
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If you want to make a bolder statement that will profess your love for skulls, then our "Classic Bow, Tie, Hanky Skull Set" will do just that.

Stay sharp with this unique 3-piece set skull necktie, bow tie and handkerchief. Featuring skull patterns across gray/red/blue/purple background.

Perfect for both casual and elegant settings.


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Thank you very much sincitygear! My yoga bag arrived in just a week and it looks amazing!

- Kate P.

Loving my awesome $1,000 Gold Trump Bill! It looks shinier in person too!

- Rita L.

Very Good Quality! Thanks Sincitygear. OMGGGGG can't wait to hit the Gym with these :-)

- Karen A.

My watch arrived in excellent condition. Neatly and properly packed as well! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

- Tina S.
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