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Clever Tongs

Clever Tongs

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The Clever Tong is a unique kitchen tool that combines the flipping power of a spatula with the squeeze of a pair of tongs! Flip, cradle, grab, or scoop with one utensil, making cooking and serving your favorite foods much more easier and enjoyable.

It's perfect for cooking breakfast when you have some things that you need to grip like sausages and bacon, while having other things that need flipping, like pancakes, or eggs.

  • With the Clever Tongs you can grab, scoop, and serve foods
  • Give you a commercial quality tool with practically no mess
  • It has the ability and strength to lift heavy items like pot roasts, while being simultaneously delicate with other foods like salmon, hard boiled eggs, and potato cakes.
  • Non-stick, heat-resistant, are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, and is the best and most versatile kitchen tool you'll probably ever use!
  • Flip, cradle, grab, or scoop with one utensil

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