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Gardening Claw Digging Gloves

Gardening Claw Digging Gloves

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These garden gloves are a one step solution to your gardening works - comes with built in claws for digging, planting and raking. It allows you the option to garden with, or without claws depending on your gardening tasks!

  • Make garden work fun and hassle free with these amazing garden gloves.
  • The built in gardening claws make digging, planting, raking, fast and easy. 
  • The removable claws are made of durable ABS plastic.
  • It's the one step solution to handle a variety of gardening tasks
  • Durable non-slip construction protects hands while preventing broken fingernails and sore fingertips.
  • The puncture resistant design shields against sharp, thorny greenery
  • Gloves rinse clean and don't hold dirt leaving your hands dry, clean and protected. 
  • They fit tight around your wrists.
  • Material: Rubber + Polyester + ABS Plastic

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