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Portable Fire Starter

Portable Fire Starter

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Introducing the Portable Fire Starter - a highly sturdy and essential portable bottle-shaped survival tool that is ideal for all traveling and adventuring needs.

This fire starter is extremely portable with its small size, easy to carry rectangular shape, and incredulously light weight of only 16 grams, serves for simple and efficient operation.

  • This will help you build a fire under all weather conditions.
  • It is crafted out of heavy duty and quality material, ensuring a long-lasting and durable tool for all possible surviving needs. 
  • Can be used in low temperatures, moist or damp weather, and ultimately any treacherous condition.
  • Mini shape, light weight, space-saving and easy to carry
  • Can be used for thousands of times.

Note: Please fill a little gasoline or kerosene into the flint body before using it.

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