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Revolutionary Space Saving Ice Cube Maker

Revolutionary Space Saving Ice Cube Maker

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Tired of your traditional ice cube trays that consumes most of your freezer's space?

Introducing Revolutionary Space Saving Ice Cube Maker - an ice maker that will save you space in your freezer by replacing up to 10 traditional ice cube trays. It will hold up to 120 cubes at once—enough for a group of friends or family members.

SPACE SAVING and COMPACT – Unlike the traditional ice cube trays, this can hold batches of ice cubes all at the same time. Stop overwhelming your freezer. Save more space for other food. While this cube holder is large enough to hold up to 120 ice cubes, it's small enough to fit. 

REUSABLE - It isn't a device that you'll need to throw away and replace after a few uses. Instead, you'll be able to refill it with water and put it back in the freezer to make new ice as many times as you'd like.

FIGHTS ODOR - If you leave a standard ice cube tray on a counter, a table or the ground for a half hour or more, the ice cubes within may start to smell. Fortunately, that won't happen, as you'll be able to plop on its spill-proof lid, which will allow it to fight unpleasant odors.

DISHWASHER SAFE - It's safe to just rinse this ice cube holder if it's not too dirty, but if you think it needs a more thorough cleaning, you can safely put both chambers in the dishwasher.

WILL DOUBLE AS DRINK HOLDER AND COOLER - After you've recently taken your ice maker out of your freezer and emptied out the ice, you can use it as a drink holder.


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