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USB Mosquito Killer Lamp

USB Mosquito Killer Lamp

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The USB Mosquito Killer Lamp is a perfect tool if you are being bothered by the annoying mosquito while you are trying to fall asleep at night. It can perfectly kill mosquitoes and other flying bugs to get rid of mosquitoes fast without sticky, messy poisons or sprays.

It's beautiful and modern cover uses curved design to enhance the ultraviolet rays and LED lights to entice the mosquito which all contribute to better killing effects. It also operates quite at night, so you would not be disturbed and can let you fully enjoy your sweet sleep.

  • Light source to attract mosquitoes in and starve mosquitoes in the trayĀ 
  • No radiation, non-toxic, safe to human and petsĀ 
  • Low power consumption, USB power with DC 5V safe voltageĀ 
  • Easy to clean: remove the storage box to clean mosquitoes with tissue or a small brush


  • Silence and noise reduction design, do not worry about noise at night
  • Please place it in dark and enclosed areas for better results, don't place the lamp anywhere near you

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